How Revolutionary Will the New WordPress 5.0 Version Prove to Be?

Since the beginning, WordPress has been a life saving tool for most bloggers and content creators around the world. It is recognized as the one of the leading open source content management systems on the Internet, which dominates up to 30% of the entire online market!

For people who are unaware of what WordPress actually is, this fantastic platform is a PHP based open-source website construction tool that allows you to build websites using wordpress themes and plugins. Before you begin playing with Self Hosted WordPress, you need to have a web server that supports PHP, make sure the php version is compatible to the latest version of WP.

WordPress started out as a single bit code in 2003 and it has now transformed into a gigantic self-hosted platform for bloggers all around the globe. Having more than billions of visitors per day, the founder of WordPress has decided to give a new look and functionality to this amazing tool. So, what’s in the new wordpress 5.0?

The new WordPress 5.0 is coming with a huge number of exciting features, including the Gutenberg editor, Front-end editor, latest security updates, and mobile optimization.

Gutenberg Editor

The Gutenberg Editor is probably one of the most exciting features of the new version of the WordPress. This fantastic editing tool got its name from Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of the mobile printing press. This new editor will transform the way you make edits to the visual presentation of your website. Unlike the current editor that requires the user to make use of HTML and short codes in order to change a few things, the Gutenberg Editor allows you to directly manipulate the visuals. The real purpose of this tool is to make editing easier for the newbies.

Front-End Editor

The Front-end editor makes it possible for the users to edit their posts directly on the page. Though the Front-end editor plugin, Visual Composer, has been on the market for the longest of time, a new front-end editor plugin for WordPress is being launched. This new plugin is a lot faster and lighter, and offers a rich content editing experience than the previous ones available in the market.

Security Updates

The safety of their site is the single most crucial thing for website owners. In order to prevent any security breaches, WordPress already has some security features in place, such as the two-factor authentication. However, due to the rising cyber security threats, WordPress has decided to launch more robust security features and updates for the safety of its users. The newer version is likely to have more improved security features that will revolutionize the way WordPress shields your data.

Mobile Optimization

Since it is not as easy to maintain your site on your mobile device than it is to do so on your laptop or computer, the new version of WordPress intends on making mobile optimization a breeze for its users. They have been working extensively to simplify the process, so the users can easily make changes to their site while on the go.

Image Cropping

The current version of WordPress requires the user to manually crop the image before re-uploading it to library, which is quite a time-consuming process! The newer version of WordPress allows you to directly crop the image, which will allow you to save heaps of time in the long run! This time and effort can then be utilized to work on the other main aspects of your website.

Seeing all the new exciting features and updates that are soon going to be launched, the new WordPress 5.0 Version is definitely going to revolutionize the way we design and sustain our websites!