Visual sitemap generation for a better web design structure

Visual Site Mapping is one of the first requirements for a web design and development company. A clean representation of a sitemap leads to a successful website, mostly designers do this job but I’m going to share some tools to design visual sitemaps using third party web apps or desktop applications.

Most of these are paid with extended features but free to use with or without credit card details. Enjoy the list and don’t to forget to share it with others.


Coggle is not just for sitemaps but to structure any complex information in a clean way. A free version lets you create as many nodes as you want with text boxes with an option to make text bold, hyperlinking and create sub branches with different colors.


Auto branch system is a good feature to get rid of lines to connect with different nodes, just create a node with a branch and move it anywhere you want. Full features come with Paid version.


Slickplan is a decent tool to create visual sitemaps, features like Project Type (icons), colors, share with others and Import/Export options are handy to use. Though, it’s a paid version with the least price of creating 3 sitemaps at a time but still a handy tool for freelancers and businesses.



To create beautiful sitemaps in minutes, WriteMaps is the right choice. You can not only just create tabs/nodes but also insert content for each menu/submenu which becomes quite easy for clients to understand and fill content through this cloud based system.


Visual Site Mapper.

Want to create a Mesh for Analytics data? Visual Site Mapper is here to help you.

It’s a free tool and you just need to add your website address and rest is all done by Visual Site Mapper.

visual-sitemaps-Visual Sitemap a WordPress Plugin for Developers.

Well this plugin comes under Honorable Mention.

Plugin displays pages, tags and categories in a sleek way which makes easier for developers to complete, enhance and modify the structure of a website. See the following image to understand how it works.