Top 5 WordPress Photography Themes

Are you a professional photographer looking for the perfect theme for your WordPress site? In order to amplify your pictures and add depth to the content, you must find an appropriate theme to go well with your profession. With a huge number of photography themes out there, it might be a little difficult to find the perfect one suitable to your specific business needs. Here we have compiled a list of the top 5 WordPress photography themes that are worth looking into.


A photography theme must strike the right balance between offering an appealing plan yet giving photography itself a chance to do the talking. Exposure allows you to do just that!

The Exposure theme does not have an overpowering effect on the pictures you’ve used when framing them. Design components aside, Exposure offers plenty of options for theme customization, shortcodes, and a calendar as well to mark your events.


Novo is all about sleek and modern visuals. It is packed with a huge number of features and options and comes with a highly functional design to boost the number of conversions. Coming with four different menu options and over 20 unique templates to design the website, this theme offers optimum value to the readers rather than just being aesthetically pleasing. All in all, Novo is an outstanding photography theme for professionals. If you want your pictures to be prominent and stand out, Novo will be an ideal choice!


If you are looking for a theme that incorporates all the advanced features and options, Photosy is the theme for you. It comes with a flexible layout that offers a vast number of designs and numerous customization options. Moreover, you can choose from a huge variety of different fonts from Google’s collection.

Photosy’s highly flexible demo layout compilation is its unique selling point. There are nearly 30 designs available, each fulfilling a different role. Photosy offers a perfect balance of power and effectiveness, and is perfect for an aesthetically appealing site for the viewers.


This theme includes ecommerce tools, copy right protection, 60 homepage designs, blogging, and much more. Photocrati is an all-rounder theme that allows you to create a gallery, website, and blog – all in one place.

It offers more than 60 unique templates that are ready to use depending on the type of images you want to showcase. Being used by more than 18,000 photographers and artists, it is the perfect theme to create compelling websites.


If you are searching for a simple and minimalistic theme to showcase your talent, Pinhole will be an ideal choice. Pinhole does not come with a complex interface, it is quite simple to use and offers all the basic features you need to showcase your talent successfully.

It comes with 5 different header styles and more than 30 different layouts. As compared to its counterparts, Pinhole offers all the basic features and a simple design needed to put together an effective photography website. It is perfect for newbies and amateur photographers looking to establish a successful photography business online.