The Top 5 WordPress Affiliate Marketing Plugins to Boost Your Sales

The process of earning a commission by promoting someone else’s product is known as Affiliate Marketing. It is one of the most widely used methods of earning easy money online using a personal blog or website. Affiliate marketing programs can help you considerably boost your website traffic and sales – thus it is crucial to create one if you want to promote your business.

If you own a WordPress site and are searching for the best affiliate marketing tools, here is a list of the top plugins you can use to maximize your growth and sales overtime.

Affiliate Manager

Coming at no cost at all, this outstanding plugin is packed with powerful features – making it an ideal choice for beginners. Not only is this plugin quite easy to use, it offers a vast number of features that makes it one of the best free affiliate marketing plugins in the market. It makes managing your referrals and affiliates a breeze by providing the users with complete control over all the transactions and procedures. It allows you to easily track the amount of clicks and make smooth transactions through PayPal. Moreover, you can keep track of multiple affiliates in real time. Whether you need to create banner ads or integrate with MailChimp, Affiliate Manager streamlines the entire process of creating and managing online affiliate marketing programs.


If you are searching for the best and easiest way to manage affiliate links, look no further than ThirstyAffiliates. This tool makes it easier for you to add and cloak links, allowing you to evaluate the performance of your site. ThirstyAffiliates also gives you the opportunity to categorize links and organize your networks.


AffiliateWP comes with a huge number of fantastic features that make it easier for you to manage your affiliate programs. Not only are the admin panels and affiliate panels easy to use, but it also allows you to set percentages for commissions and affiliate pages. Moreover, it can easily be integrated with WooCommerce and other powerful plugins to boost the chances of success for your affiliate marketing programs. Known to be the king of all the affiliate marketing plugins available in the market, AffiliateWP is one of the most powerful and lightweight plugins you can get your hands on!


This plugin makes the process of managing ads easier for affiliate marketers due to its useful features and options. You can easily add banners and other image or video resources to propel your affiliate marketing programs to success. With Adsanity, you can manage all your affiliate marketing programs through your WordPress dashboard. Moreover, it allows you to generate performance reports, enabling you to evaluate the progress and effectiveness of your program.

Ultimate Affiliate Pro

If you are searching for an affiliate marketing plugin that is packed with multiple features but is lighter on the pocket, Ultimate Affiliate Pro will be an ideal option for you. It has some of the best affiliate marketing features compared to its counterparts available in the market. It allows you to make smooth transactions though PayPal and offers multilingual support. Coming with a vast number of features including affiliate ranking, custom commissions, and countless number of affiliates, Ultimate Affiliate Pro is leading the ranks with its endless number of possibilities.