Top 5 WooCommerce Themes for WordPress

Have you ever been to a site and felt completely baffled by its design? This is because designers usually focus on keeping the site flashy in order to grab the users’ attention. This strategy often backfires and makes the customers lose interest instead.

A good WooCommerce theme offers much more than just a flashy design. It should be clear, responsive, mobile friendly, and the navigation structure should be simple. It must offer multilingual support, in order to accommodate the international customers as well. Here we have compiled a list of the top WooCommerce themes that fulfill all those requirements.


This theme is not just confined to the e-commerce aspect of the site – it can run the whole website in an efficient manner due to its multipurpose nature. The design of Kallyas is modern yet readable, making it perfect for users looking for a simple and user-friendly theme.

This outstanding theme offers social media integration as well as multilingual support. It has a good number of customization possibilities. Not only is this theme mobile-friendly and responsive, it offers a huge number of advanced features as well. If you’re looking for a theme that makes navigation a breeze, look no further than Kallyas!


Do you run a big store and want to feature a bigger number of products? WooCart is the theme you are looking for. It is a classic theme that gives more accessibility to your customers through multiple categorization possibilities.

WooCart is a mobile-friendly and responsive theme that offers a wide array of customizability options. The design of this particular theme brings your products into the limelight, rather than just offering a flashy design. It offers mega menu support that makes navigation easy.  You can also integrate social media buttons onto your page. To assist the international consumers, it has a built-in translation panel.


ThemeForest’s number one best-selling WooCommerce WordPress theme is Flatsome. It entails all the features and characteristics an outstanding WooCommerce theme must incorporate. You can have access to an unlimited number of widgets and sidebars with this theme. Flatsome brings the spotlight onto your products by placing them in the center. Main menus and submenus make the navigation flow easier and the flat design trend makes the design crisp. The Custom Flatsome Page Builder helps in clearly showcasing the featured offers and promotions.


Divi is known to be the most elegant and flexible WooCommerce themes out there, enabling you to personalize your design according to your liking. Divi offers smooth WooCommerce integration despite its multipurpose nature. It comes with a simple user interface and an easy navigation structure for hassle free shopping experiences. Divi offers a highly functional and responsive design, making it the perfect WooCommerce theme for businesses in the service sector. If you are big on details, Divi will prove to be an ideal choice for you!

The Retailer

The Retailer is one of the most elegant and modern WooCommerce themes out there. It offers a highly functional and responsive design that is optimized for conversions and mobile devices. It comes with a wide variety of pre-built page layouts to select from. In addition to that, it offers social media integration and makes navigation a breeze.