5 of the Best Places to Learn WordPress

People who are looking to make a career in blogging often get to hear a lot about WordPress. If you’re relatively new to the concept of blogging or just starting out, you will be recommended learning WordPress. The reason WordPress gets an edge over the other platforms is that it’s not only an open source website creation tool, it also gives you powerful tools to run and manage your website, too. So, along with creating a website, you can host it there too without having an extensive knowledge of coding in PHP or HMTL. The service has a lot of potential that you can harness but only if you know your way around it. The most professional looking blogs out there aren’t just appealing because of their content, it’s also because of their great website design and functionalities, which you, too, can easily learn about. Here are some places you can learn WordPress from.


WP101 is a website and educational service that has a very self-explanatory name. It’s meant to get you started on WordPress and slowly educate as well as equip you with the right kind of skills and knowledge, which will qualify you as an expert by the end of their courses. The tutorial courses are not free but there are blogs published on their website, which you can read for free and they’re every bit as interesting and helpful. As an educational service, they have courses for every level of expertise not only on WordPress but also on the top WP plugins as well like Yoast.


If you ever do a quick search on Google about places to learn WordPress from, there’s a high chance that you’ll spot WPBeginner there, and for good reason. WPBeginner is a tremendous source of knowledge for beginners and it is available all for free. If you’re starting out on your WordPress journey, this site will prove to be the best guide you can take along. The site offers rich and detailed How-to articles as well as complete tutorials that start you off from setting up your WordPress site to developing your own WordPress plugins and starting e-commerce.

WordPress.org Codex

Documentation helps to familiarize users with any kind of software and even help them with troubleshooting sometimes. Following the convention, WordPress developers have also compiled extensive documentation in the form of WordPress Codex, which serves as an online manual for all things WordPress. Its free and very developer oriented but will aid newcomers with learning all kinds of WordPress terminologies and on how to build their own WordPress plugins.


WinningWP is another site that is carefully crafted and tailored while keeping beginners in mind. They offer tutorials in the form of blogs on varying topics such as hosting, themes, and plugins along with some recommendations for beginners. The site has everything neatly compiled in the form of categories and lists, which visitors can access and learn from.

Advanced WordPress

AWP, as the name suggests, is about a higher degree of WordPress understanding. Essentially a Facebook group, AWP serves as a conglomerate of WP developers and bloggers, who come together to share ideas and knowledge as well as help out others with their queries and issues. If you already have some knowledge of WordPress and are eager to learn WP development, then this is a great place to extend that knowledge. They share informative articles from time to time, but users are encouraged to start discussions any time so you can post queries and get them heard almost right away.