SEO Cheat Sheet for Internet Marketers and Bloggers in 2018

Are you having troubles ranking your website on search engines or do you feel that your on-page SEO strategy is not bringing about the desired results? Well, this could be really true if your current strategy is only reliant on simple keywords. 

Today, most bloggers and marketers are relying too heavily on just optimizing their keyword strategy i.e. repeating keywords throughout the content in hope that their content will rank better. These are some costly mistakes which need to be stopped immediately to prevent you from incurring further losses. To ensure that you do not destroy the website visibility, try exploring other relevant options through which you can improve your on-page SEO. 

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The biggest and the most practical hack for this is to ensure that the visitor visiting your website, leaves feeling satisfied. This means, the happier the visitor, the better the ranking would be. This SEO cheat sheet will highlight couple of hacks which you can practice for improved on-page SEO. 

Improved Site Speed

According to a recently conducted study, it was found that 60% of your visitors will leave your website if it takes more than three seconds to load. On the contrary, 47% of your visitors will stay back only if the page loads in or under two seconds. 

For search engines such as Google, as briefed above, visitor experience holds great significance and this is directly related to how quick your website loads. So, the faster the loading of the website will be, the better the ranking since visitors would also have had a positive user experience.  

To gauge how fast your website is loading, you can check it through the following three options:

Google PageSpeed Insights



All of the listed options will require you to insert your website address and upon clicking Analyze, it will provide you with the load time of your site and will also display recommendations on how you can quickly enhance the loading speed. 

Pro Tip: Insert your competitors web link and assess how well you are performing in comparison.

Realizing the Importance of Meta Tags 

For search engines to rank your site better, you would have to realize the importance of the role which meta tags play in improving the overall visibility. For the on-site SEO to improve, you would have to spend a little more time analyzing and assessing how you can optimize these tags for better search engine rankings. Here’s how you can do this:

  1. Title tag – Your title tag will display when a user searches a query relevant to your website. This tag needs to be short, precise, descriptive and within the range of 50-60 characters as anything longer than 60 characters will not be displayed. Most importantly, ensure that your title tag is different from the content on the page. 
  2. Meta Description – Your meta description is what will appear under the page title giving away an idea of what the page entails before the user clicks to open it. This description should be between 50 to 300 characters. 

Pro Tip: Keep your meta tags and description unique to attract more traffic.

Publish Read worthy / Strong Content

Warning! Do not post content which either is duplicated or would leave a visitor feeling dissatisfied. Search engines such as Google penalize websites which publish plagiarized content. You need to ensure that the content being published on your site is read worthy i.e. it is strong enough to make the visitor stay on the page for long providing positive user experience. Strong content would also require support from the design as to contribute towards the overall mix of things. If your content is strong but the design is poor, this would result in poor search engine rankings. 

A Pro Tip: Publish fresh content at least once a month of approximate 2000 words as Google loves fresh content and this would help your on-page SEO to index and rank better. This could either be latest trends or news or something attention grabbing to make the visitor interested in reading it through.

Make Use of Online Content Writing Resources

Rather than sticking with the same outdated approach, try opting for online content writing resources which may provide a new and fresh look to your content. These could include topic and idea generators such as HubSpot and others. 

A Pro Tip: The better the title of your page, the more the visitor would be inclined towards reading it.

Optimized Crawl-ability

It is absolutely imperative that you ensure that your website is crawl-able by leading search engines. In a case where there are broken links, search engines will stop crawling and searching for the right link hence making it difficult to crawl your website. Ensuring proper links will also ensure higher search engine rankings. 

A Pro Tip: Always keep a watch out on link building!

Mobile Responsive Webpages

Last but not the least, the single most important factor to wrap up the SEO cheat sheet for 2018 is ensuring that your website or webpages are mobile responsive. As briefed earlier of how search engines love positive user experiences, mobile responsiveness is a great factor which significantly adds to that. Make use of online mobile friendliness tools to review how responsive is your webpage on a mobile. This is absolutely critical because majority of users are now browsing the internet on their mobile phones. 

Pro Tip: If you are investing on a website, do not forget to invest on having it mobile responsive as well.

Final Words

If you have read carefully, you would have realized the importance of user experiences and its impact on search engine rankings. So rather than focusing completely on repeating keywords throughout your website, make use of the SEO cheats discussed above which will not only result in higher search engine rankings but also contribute towards higher and satisfactory user experiences, ultimately adding to the overall mix of things – a win win situation for both – Your website ranks higher and the visitor gets what they are looking for! 

At, we hope this article would help improve your on-page SEO and eliminate any bad habits which are holding back your website to rank better on search engines. Happy Optimizing!