Most Used SEO Keyword Research Tools of 2018?

Considering the importance of the role which SEO plays in today’s digital world, moving ahead in rapid pace, individuals and organizations are now focusing more on researching keywords relevant to their product and service offerings.

At this point, if you’re a novice and have just stepped into the industry, you may wonder what makes keyword research so important? Well, precisely, keyword research sets the foundation for successful search engine optimization (SEO).

If your focus all this time was on better design, responsive UI, high quality content or on-page optimization, then you have been missing out on a key crucial element associated with positive SEO. While all these factors are equally important, relevant keywords however play a much significant role.

Now you might wonder whether you need to spend a great deal on keyword research or not, perhaps by breaking your budget or the bank, but this isn’t 100% true. To some degree where keywords are found through premium paid tools, there are other tools available as well which are free of cost or would cost a bare minimum to get the job done effectively.

After having read this article, you will not only save those extra thousands of dollars but would have also developed an insight on how to build keyword based targeted content for your relevant industry.

Read on!

First and foremost, you need to understand that keywords relevant to your business need to be chosen very diligently as they will be the critical factor playing a role between success and failure.  Moreover, the process of opting for the correct keywords isn’t easy as you would require a great deal of data to assess whether a particular keyword will bring about the results for you or not.

Types of Keyword Research Tools

Luckily, a plethora number of tools are available on the web using which you can decide on keywords which would work best in your case. However, there are two main types of tools available which you need to learn about:

  1. Basic Keyword Research: Decide on your basic keyword to look up more profitable keywords
  2. Competitor Based Keyword Research: Looking up keywords which are already successfully delivering results for other websites and generating traffic.

In our opinion, the better strategy and way forward would be by opting for competitor-based keyword research. Reason you may ask why? Well, what could be more profitable than keywords which are already bringing about positive results for your competitors?

Tools for Keyword Research

While there might not be just one perfect tool available for conducting keyword research, you need to carry out a self-assessment and decide whether you will opt for a paid or a free tool. The list below provides comprehensive options which can be utilized for this purpose:

While you may explore each of the above listed options to review which tool best suits your needs, however, there is absolutely no need to overwhelm yourself by deciding to try all at once. The ideal strategy would be rather to just settle with one or two and learn how to use them in your best interest.

For those of you who have somewhat been exploring around using the Google Keyword Planner tool, you have set the correct path for yourself to review other tools listed above. However, what you need to consider here most importantly is that while one thing might successfully be working for one individual or company, it might not work in the same manner for someone else.

Bottom Line

Hence, do your own learning, explore around and see which strategy and tool best fits your needs. Ideally, to begin with in our opinion, SEMrush is a tool which can provide simple yet effective solutions.