10 Online Resources to Learn WordPress Development From Scratch

Today, with ease of access to powerful tools across the web, users now have a plethora of resources to choose from while creating complex websites than ever before. If you purchase a multipurpose WordPress theme, it will come equipped with built-in editors. Moreover, there are a large number of plugins available that eliminate the need to learn even a single line of coding for creating stunning webpages. 

In such a scenario, acquiring knowledge about WordPress development pretty much becomes useless. Now, you may wonder, why would a smart user spend countless hours learning how to code when they have web page builders at their disposal that complete the task for you? There is an entire debate on Quora and Reddit on this subject.

At Wdesigns.net, we firmly believe that coding is the future and this thought is also backed by leading entrepreneurs. Learning the skill of WordPress development or any other coding language will prove to be beneficial at one point or another. Believe in the future, play your part! 

However, one major factor which needs to be taken into account here is that WordPress takes time, it’s no walk in the park! You will have to devote time to develop proficiency and only hard work and patience will bring out positive results. 

If you’re still reading, you must be thinking ‘Where do I begin?’. Well, to ease that trouble for you, we have shortlisted top ten WordPress development resources. While some options are for novices, others are more relevant to individuals at a more advanced level of coding. 

Brace yourself and continue reading! 

WordPress Codex

For individuals who are inclined towards learning WordPress development, WordPress Codex is quite a comprehensive solution available to cater to such needs. When starting, the best way forward is to learn from experts within the field and WordPress Codex offers just that with courses complied by leading individuals in the industry. Learning from how to create pages and posts to how to use plugins and themes, WordPress Codex offers it all. And, if you’re an advanced level user, there are courses relevant to debugging a network and creating a plugin. The only downside of this resource is that it may come off as highly overwhelming for a new user because of the large amount of text. Start your development journey with WordPress Codex today. 


If you are an advanced level user, Udemy might not do the job for you. However, if you are just starting off, this resource could prove to be a handful. Udemy has a large database of online courses which covers a diverse range of fields including design, development, WordPress etc. While most individuals are of the opinion that the courses available at Udemy are poorly structured, there are others which are greatly useful. Moreover, the available WordPress courses are majorly targeted towards developing a general acquaintance with the platform and only some from the entire lot are focused on development. Whether Udemy can serve as an effective learning resource or not, this can be concluded only after you have reviewed its courses. To stay on the safe side, opt for the free courses available to test the waters. Happy hunting! 


If you are looking for a targeted resource which offers courses to a particular segment/niche, TreeHouse is the answer. It is a leading and well-renowned online resource which offers courses for individuals ranging between mid to advanced levels. This medium aims at coders and designers specifically. The content available includes everything from virtual reality to HTML. If you are a hard-core WordPress fan, this place is built just for you! Here you can learn WordPress Theme Development, how to build plugins, WordPress Customizer API etc. Each course is well structured and broken into multiple chapters to ease the learning process. Hence, if you believe, you are a level higher than novices, TreeHouse is the resource to explore! 


Lynda, an online library comprising of thousands of courses, was acquired by LinkedIn in 2015. This fact itself should suffice for the credibility of this online resource. With vast courses available, whether you are a 3D Animator, Marketer, Photographer or of course, a WordPress developer, this resource has it all under its umbrella. At the moment, there are over 80+ courses which are relevant for developers through which they can learn the skills to build themes from scratch using underscores, developing knowhow of custom plugin with PHP, best coding practices, etc. Therefore, if you want to hone your skills, give Lynda a shot to explore unlimited potential. 

WPMU Dev Academy

If your aim is to learn from the best in the industry, who have not only developed a name for themselves but are also actively engaged, WPMU Dev is the online resource which you need to visit today! Initially, WPMU Dev started off as an agency developing WordPress plugins and themes; however, they have also started an academy through which they are imparting skill-based knowledge for keen WordPress Developers. With top-of-line courses available, you can rest assured develop skills to stand out in the market.

The courses here are divided into three segments. The first segment, taught by Daniel Pataki comprises of WordPress Development for novices. So, if you’re just starting off, this course will do wonders for you as you will be given an introduction about PHP and building plugins and themes. The second segment is taught by Rachel McCollin and this comprises of courses for slightly more advanced or intermediate users with focus being on custom post types, plugin development, metadata and other queries.  The third and the last segment is again taught by Daniel Pataki and this is only for advanced level users where the focus is on creating object-oriented plugins and using the command line. If you believe you have the knack for learning in such a manner, step-by-step, WPMU Dev Academy is the answer to all your development related worries. 

Code Tutplus

If your aim is to search for an online resource to learn WordPress development, then you need to keep Code Tutplus for a later stage. The reason for this is that Code Tutplus is more of a magazine rather than an online learning source which comprises of latest news for developers and designers. It has a section that is thoroughly dedicated to WordPress and there are blog posts, video courses and books which you can explore to satiate your desires to stay updated with the latest in the industry. Hence, to stay updated with what’s kicking in the WordPress universe, revisit Code Tutplus once you have acquired some basic development knowledge. But, if you have time available on your hands, go explore it. 

Code Academy

Code Academy, out and out, is for advanced level users who have a keen interest in learning WordPress development coding. This online resource consists of courses for PHP, Javascript, CSS and HTML. However, a downside if you are WordPress development course hunter is that there are no dedicated course here for WordPress. But, the courses on offer somewhat are relevant to becoming a WordPress coder. We would strongly advise you to explore these courses as they offer thorough learning and knowledge. Courses offered at Code Acamdey would only move to the next level after you resolve small tasks at each level of learning. Moreover, for those individuals interested in learning languages such as Ruby, iQuery, SQL and Python, Cody Academy is just the ideal online resource for you. 

Free Code Camp

Does this thought excite you, going from zero to hero in just five hours? Well, Free Code Camp offers courses just for that. Instead of the focus being more towards WordPress development, this resource is slightly more diversified and provides knowledge and skill for coding and basics of CSS and HTML.  Each course here is meticulously developed, ensuring that your learning habits are taken into consideration and you learn at a pace which is of comfort to you. To pass each course, you will have to pass small tasks which aren’t difficult since during the module, you are given multiple examples, making the entire learning process swift. Also, if you are interested in learning languages such as React.js, Node.js, basic algorithm scripts, JavaScript, iQuery etc, Free Code Camp is your best bet! 


A lightweight online learning resource in the world of heavy giants, provides you a detailed section for WordPress lovers providing blog posts, books and video courses to learn from. This resource will not serve as your main learning centre; however, it can be used for the purpose of support in case you need to know more about current trends and news. Established since 1999, SitePoint has been visited by over a million people, and the entire content available related to WordPress is developed and carefully crafted by leading WordPress developers. A note, there shall be no regrets if you give SitePoint a try. 


This online resource has no tutoring material, rather, it provides a collection boasting over 200 snippets which you can take guide and learn from. WP-Snippets isn’t a place where individuals who are beginners should be exploring around because that would only result in wasted time thinking that they can take away some knowledge on how to code faster and better. However, what you can do is take each snippet, study how it works, and take your knowledge from there. We all have heard that ‘learning by doing’ is perhaps the most effective method of learning. This is the role which WP-Snippets plays. Therefore, before you visit this resource, make sure you have a solid knowhow of WordPress development and other features.  

In Conclusion

The above listed are the leading online resources which are available for individuals originating from all walks of life. Whether you are a novice or an advanced level user, these resources are sure to add to your learning! Do not limit your options, explore away and see which learning center is the best suited to your needs.