Your Ultimate Guide to Installing a Free SSL on SiteGround Using Let’s Encrypt

SiteGround is a web-hosting platform that offers you the opportunity to create and manage your own sites. Though it offers free SSLs for all of its websites, the process of installing one might be a little confusing for some newbies.

Here I have compiled a step-by-step guide to help you install a free SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) for your site on SiteGround using Let’s Encrypt:

Open SiteGround and Log In to Your Account

Login to your user portal at SiteGround through this website –

Go to the cPanel

Once you have logged into your user portal, click onto the ‘My Accounts’ tab.

Now click on the button that reads ‘Go to cPanel’.

Let’s Encrypt Installation

Navigate to the security section in the cPanel and click on the ‘Let’s Encrypt’ tab.


  • Find the section that reads ‘Install new Let’s Encrypt Certificate’ that is located at the bottom. A dropdown menu will appear containing all the domains you’ve setup in the control panel. If, however, you’ve hosted no more than one site with SiteGround, a single domain will appear.
  • Click on the domain you’d like to install the SSL to.
  • Type in your email address into the box. This is just a requirement that you need to fulfill, in order to setup the SSL.
  • Click on the button that says ‘Install’.

It will take around 30 seconds to complete the process. Once the installation process has been completed, you will now be able to find your SSL certificate listed below the ‘Installed Certificates’.

Two additional options will now appear for your newly formed SSL certificate, and it is recommended to turn both of these options on.

  1. ‘HTTPS Enforce’ – Once a visitor tries to log into your old domain (, they will instantly be redirected to the new one – Thus it is highly recommended to activate this option.
  2. ‘External Links Rewrite’ – All the external links and resources, whether they are images or videos, that have been linked to your old ‘HTTP’ version will be converted to the new ‘HTTPS’ version. There will be no warning signs from browsers indicating that a few elements of your site are not secure once this option has been activated. Therefore, turning this setting on will display your site to the users as being completely secure.

This simple guide will allow you to install a free SSL on SiteGround through the use of Let’s Encrypt without requiring much effort from your side. Plus you won’t have to worry about the SSL certificates expiring since all the SSLs on SiteGround are set on “auto-renew”.  This means that the SSL will renew on its own whenever the need arises. Therefore, use this guide to add SSLs on SiteGround and boost the security of your website.

Is your website not working properly after switching to SSL, do you see a white screen or an error message that says “Too many redirect errors”. These easy to install SSL plugins can solve all http to https issues.