How To Enable Cloudflare On Siteground Hosting

Depending upon your geographical location, Content Delivery Network (CDN) serves as the primary backbone of the internet, delivering content resourcefully. The advice from professionals across the globe is to always use a CDN for your respective website as it will help reduce the database requests for optimized responsiveness.

If you do not have the required expertise or the necessary technical knowledge, you need not to worry. Every website can have a CDN, however, a benefit is that Siteground is providing CloudFlare alternate within its cPanel. Through this, you will be able to enable CDN within a matter of few clicks. Moreover, Siteground hosting has made the process really swift, ensuring that you do not hit a speed bump. 

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Follow the steps below.

1. Open your cPanel > search for site improvement tool section > click on Cloudflare Icon 

2. You will be displayed a list of your domains on a new page. From this list, you will select the respective domain for which you wish to enable CDN > Click ‘Activate Free’ displayed next to the domain name.

3. Your Cloudflare account credentials will be required here in a popup window. At first, you will be displayed with the Siteground email account. However, if you use any separate email ID for your Cloudfare account, use those credentials to login > click proceed. 

4. Moving ahead, a message will appear seeking confirmation if your respective website loads with ‘www’ or without it. If it doesn’t, you will be required to redo the settings. This implies that now your respective site must open irrespective of ‘www’ or not. This does not signify that you are being asked for a ‘non-www’ URL link. However, it should be properly working > Next, click ‘Yes’.

5. At this step, the system will conduct a check whether your respective site is loading with and without ‘www’. If it’s working, your CDN will be activated in a matter of few minutes. Also, to check the status of activation, just look under your panel. 

Moreover, if you desire to tweak a few settings, you can do so by managing individual options on your hosting. If the process sounds complex, you need not to worry as it’s really simple and shouldn’t take much of your time, ideally a minute. 

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