6 ways to accept bitcoins on your WordPress website.

With over 79% Americans shopping online, the use of eCommerce payment gateways is a casual norm. However, on the contrary, only 1.5% Americans either own or use Bitcoins for their transactions, making it a very small fraction of the total online buying number. 

With cryptocurrency picking up pace, it’s a good time to develop awareness regarding how payments in Bitcoins can be accepted on your WordPress website besides the other eCommerce payment gateways. Also, there is no need to feel hard-pressed while finding a plugin which can help you do so. We have compiled a list of WordPress plugins through which you can accept Bitcoin payments: 

Stripe Payment Gateway for WooCommerce Plugin

If the thought of using plugins which are easy to use and flexible excite you, then you may want to explore the Stripe Payment Gateway for WooCommerce Plugin. Upon reviewing the available options for top WordPress eCommerce payment gateways, Stripe will perhaps be known as the most developer-friendly plugin. This plugin similar to its other competitors accepts Bitcoins payments alongside credit cards as well. 

Mollie Payments for WooCommerce Plugin

Since you already may be aware that if you go onto add a large variety of plugins on your WordPress website, it can have a negative impact on your site’s security and performance. And, if you are looking forward to accept Bitcoin payments on your site and want similar other payment options as well, you may choose to opt for the Mollie Payments for WooCoomerce plugin as it includes bank transfer, Bitcoin, PayPal, Credit Card and much more. 

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Easy Digital Downloads Plugin

Another premium plugin to accept Bitcoin on WordPress websites is Easy Digital Downloads Plugin. This allows the website owner to set up payment gateway for their digital products. There are two versions of this plugin; free and paid. While the plugin itself is available for free, however, to include payment gateways other Amazon Payments or Paypal such as Bitpay, you will need to buy the premium extension.

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Digital Paybox Plugin

If you are selling digital products, you need to opt for this premium plugin for your WordPress website. The process of this plugin is that it creates a ‘paybox’ where visitors can choose their respective payment portal of choice including BitPay which accepts BitCoin. Once done, the customer can enter their email address and place their order. However, for a non-profit website, this is a great option to choose from since you can set minimum prices. Also, customers can opt to ‘donate’ if they see fit. 

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GoUrl Bitcoin Payment Gateway Plugin

For those individuals looking to explore options beyond Bitcoin payment gateway, they can explore the GoUrl Bitcoin Payment Gateway Plugin. This plugin is known exclusively for website owners to accept cryptocurrency payments. With 100% dedication to this purpose, this plugin can also be used excellently if you desire to earn money through WordPress. For instance, you can sell digital and physical products, offer paid memberships, charge for access to gated content and much more. 

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GoUrl WooCommerce Plugin

Built specifically for the WooCommerce platform, the GoUrl WooCommerce plugin serves the exact purpose similar to that of GoUrl Bitcoin Payment Gateway Plugin. Hence, if you appreciate how the Bitcoin Payment Gateway plugin works and if you have built your online store through WooCoomerce, you would want to have this add-on.

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Final Words

For a successful online experience, you need to ensure that you empower your customers by allowing them to pay by which ever means they prefer. This does not mean that you install multiple plugins, but, rather opt for a plugin which serves as an all-in-one solution.