New Interface of Google Search Console

Google has always been working tirelessly on its services and tools to help its users achieve maximum utility with the extended features when it boils down to the effective management and optimization of their websites. The website owners working on SEO and/or those maintaining the website of the company they work for may be familiar with Google’s FREE tools such as Google Search Console and Google Analytics, which help keep an eye on the performance of the website. 

However, after a successful launch of the beta version not so long ago, the new interface of Google Search Console (GSC) has now seen an immensely applauded yet long-awaited interface redesign with new and valued-added features. By rolling out the new version to its users, the revamped search performance reports and indexing will provide more insights and in-depth, industry-specific knowledge into how you can improve your website functionality and utility for both human visitors and Google. 

Also, the new features will guide you throughout the process of fixing any pending or unresolved issues. Least to mention, the new version will also help users monitor their website traffic, enable users to get a better understanding of seasonal trends, and help Google crawl the website

What’s New to Be Precise in the New Google Search Console Interface?

The beta version of GSC had five new reports to monitor website traffic and rectify shortcomings. These reports included Sitemaps Reports, Performance Reports, AMP Status Report, Index Coverage Status Report, and Job Posting Status Report. However, the new and upgraded version of GSC tool doesn’t yet have all the features of the old interface. Hopes are high that they would be included in the next update. Google Search Console provides a faster communication and synergistic-integration between Google and website owners or handlers. Secondly, its improved tables, graphs provide better insights into industry-specific digital dimensions. 

The Performance Report will reveal how your domain is performing in the competitive environment of Google Search results. This would reveal insights from up to 16 months of data, including total impressions, total clicks, average position/ranking in search results, average click-through rate (CTR)—to name a few. 

The Index Coverage Report will disclose how Google has indexed your pages, more specifically it will reveal how to fix errors and issues that couldn’t be indexed properly. This indicates that unusual spikes and drops in graphs should definitely be addressed appropriately. 

What else?

The best part is that Google Search Console now provides a ‘Validate Fix Button’, which can help Google Readdress the crawl errors and issues yet again and update that certain page containing issues on high priority, allowing your site to get back into working at a faster pace. Oher new features of GSC also include AMP Status Report and Job Posting Status Report for specific purposes. However, if you have to mention the shining star in GSC, then that would definitely be Search Performance Reports as it reveals the most useful piece of traffic info you desire for.


The recent improvements in GSC by Google has turned it into a very useful tool for online businesses holding websites, perhaps not just for the sake of SEO purposes, but also for improving website’s overall health. Those website owners who are not yet familiar with Google Search Console should definitely explore more about it. Why? Because it may be a game-changing tool for you!