Why you should use Divi theme for your next project

The innovation of Divi has given leeway to content creators and website owners to edit and update their sites on the go, which was a feature not previously available in WordPress itself. On WordPress, you can write and publish content but are unable to see the final result whilst you edit it.

Statistics from BuiltWith.com listed Elegant Themes’ Divi as the most popular premium theme for WordPress. Divi has become a breakthrough for struggling website developers who want a simple and fast interface alongside a choice of sophisticated themes to choose from. The front-end visual builder allows for easier access and editing for website owners. However, there are a plethora of features that Divi offers, so we will look into their usability and usefully. 

Without further ado, let’s explore some that the Divi Theme has to offer.

What Exactly Is Divi Theme?

Divi Theme is the latest multipurpose theme by Elegant Themes; it offers a lot more editing options and plugins for you to choose from. It is one of the most multifaceted page builders on the market. You can use the front-end builder to edit in real time and see how the new application of texts and other edits look design vise on the page, which is not possible while using many other WordPress themes. You can also save layouts after designing them, to apply them later or to build on them later on. Divi also offers pre-made, well-designed layouts for you to choose from, and the ability to edit according to your needs.

The Unique Features That Divi Theme Offers

There are numerous features that Divi offers to its users. These diverse and easy to use features are what makes the Divi Theme so popular. Here are some of the prominent and popular features of Divi:

Search Bar

The search bar option can definitely make a developer’s life super easy. The search option is great to achieve a smooth and quick workflow, as having to click through a number of options to get to the option you are looking for can take up precious time. It can take up even more time if you are busy manually searching for the option, or have skipped the option entirely, leaving you completely confused and frustrated. The search bar can be a lifesaver in this case, as all you will need to do is type in what you are looking for.

Menu Dropdown Animations

There are both primary and secondary menu animation options available. They are super easy to get to, as all you need to do is:

  • Go to the Divi menu
  • Select the theme customizer
  • Choose the header & navigation option
  • And, finally, choose either the primary or secondary menu where you can then choose which dropdown menu animation you want.

Mirror Hover Effect

It is super simple to do and the results are phenomenal. There are also a variety of dropdown menu animation options other than the default fade animation such as the expand, slide and flip animation options to make your website even more attractive to visitors.


To work even quicker on your website, there are keyboard shortcuts you can use while using Divi. There is a list of usable keyboard shortcuts that you can find within the Divi Builder Helper module You can also just press ‘shift + ?’ on the keyboard from within the visual builder and then click the ‘shortkeys’ tab. For computer whizzes, shortcut keys are always preferable and do really help quicken your developing pace.

Split Testing Option

This option is great for indecisive individuals who want to see how all the options will look without having to apply them. All you have to do is right-click on the section of the page that you want to edit and then select the split test option from the menu. You can then select what you want to test out, and then Divi Theme will automatically create the split version, and you can slide to see the different versions available through the split test.

A Multitude Of Options Available Through The Text Module

The main reason anyone would prefer using Divi over building a website through just code is the easy access to the options right on the site, which help you see the effects in real time. You can customize lists and any intricate design elements.

Diverse Design Options Available For All Six Header Levels

Much like the text module options for lists and design elements, there is a tabbed interface for text headers at all levels. What is great about this is that the module includes many header options such as h1, h2, he3, h4, etc. and you can personalize their style through the module design settings.

Freedom to Upload Custom Fonts

Divi Module allows people to upload their own custom fonts, which is useful for those who want to personalize the design elements of their webpage. You just need to click on the text font changing option and click on the upload button in order to upload the custom font you desire to use. These custom fonts will remain in the default list of fonts that are found in the Divi Builder.

Creating A Border Under Images To Reduce Space

There is a feature that allows users to fill in and extend the image’s border so as to remove the space under the image. This actually is very helpful, as that extension helps to border the next section of the page.

Editing History

Divi Theme offers the feature of history states. The reason history states is so interesting is because it records all edits you apply when using the Divi builder. It takes away the need of having to undo states to find a previous option you had applied. For optimal convenience, all you have to do is go to the settings menu and click on the editing history link to view a list of all the edits that you have made. And, the history states further gets rid of any confusion of which edit you are looking for as it gives a time stamp alongside a short description for each edit in the list.

Meta Info. Options for Blogs

Meta info. is used for publishing blogs on websites, which states the date, category, comments, and author under the title. Divi has a feature that makes it easy to edit your blog’s layout and gives you the option to fully disable the whole meta info.  or particular segments of the meta info. that you want. All that you need to do is go to the theme options, click layout and go to the general settings to edit the meta info. section of your blog.

Wireframe View

This feature of Divi is what makes it better than traditional backend builders. Divi’s visual builder allows a wireframe view of your webpage’s layout. There is also a shortcut to turn the wireframe view on and off (shift + w).


For the nominal price of $89 per year, you can get around 87 themes and 6 plugins with the Divi theme. The themes, as well as plugins, are extremely well-engineered and for the price of $89 annually and $249 for lifetime accessibility, they are very well worth it.

Overall Review

The overall review for Divi would have to be that there really are no other themes that can compete with Divi, and offer so much, especially for amateur WordPress users and website developers. The way the theme has been designed is extremely efficient and easy to understand, and it caters to all types of people and their intended purposes. Knowing shortcodes can help to elevate your experience of developing and editing your website using a Elegant Theme’s Divi Theme. Considering that this era is technologically run, online entrepreneurs can greatly profit from using Divi.

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