Creating Backups Using Jetpack Plugin – Complete Guide.

In this technologically driven era, it is crucial to make backups every now and then so that you do not lose access to your important data and files. Increasing risks surrounding data theft also push businesses and individuals to create backups, especially when storage options have become cheaper such as Cloud storage. Creating a WordPress backup in real-time using VaultPress is quite simple once you get to know the procedure.

Download VaultPress – Free

The real question, however, is – “Why use JetPack for WordPress Backups?

VaultPress, which has rebranded itself by merging with JetPack, is popular in the IT world as the best WordPress backup plugin. Although it offers paid subscription, the price is extremely affordable, i.e., only $39 a year for JetPack (Personal). This is lower than what VaultPress charged for backups previously. This $39 plan offers:

  • Automated Backups Daily (Unlimited Storage)
  • Effortless Site-migration with 1-Click Restore Option
  • 30-Day Archive Backup
  • Email Support
  • Several other power-packed features like lazy loading, image CDN etc.

Many users regard VaultPress as one of the most reliable solutions due to its seamless backup capabilities for large, data-heavy WordPress websites.

Let us quickly go through a short roadmap to creating WordPress backups using VaultPress (Now JetPack):

Install the VaultPress Plugin

Activate the Plugin

Click on VaultPressitem in the Admin Sidebar

Click on “View Plans & Pricing” when the plugin settings pop up

Click on “Get Started” on the JetPack Personal plan when you are re-directed to the VaultPress Website

Next, you need to enter your site address and click, “Start Installation”.

You will be asked for the WordPress website’s administrator login details.

Voila! JetPack is finally installed on your site!

Now, you will click the “Pay” button after you are directed to the payment information page.

Setup will continue

JetPack will automatically create backups for your website.

When the process is complete, click the “Back to your Site” button

Now you can visit the JetPack – VaultPress page and manage your backups

How Do I Give VaultPress Access to My Server?

You should have the option to restore backups because you never know what the future holds. Giving VaultPress access to your site server will make the whole process more efficient. To do this, all you need to do is head over to the VaultPress dashboard and visit the settings page to enter your SFTP or SSH credentials. You can get these details from the email that you received when you signed up with the hosting provider.

You need to add the SSH file to your server, which provides an additional level of security, but you are restricted to do this if you have signed up for shared hosting. Nevertheless, you will still be able to connect to the server with SFTP ID – Just do not forget to save the credentials! DFTP access makes VaultPress more efficient. You can use the same dashboard to restore your WordPress backups. You can even view your history of backups on the dashboard.

It is time you go to your website’s admin area and enjoy the rest of the day while VaultPress takes care of your website and data.