5 Best WordPress User Generated Content Plugins To Engage Visitors

If you feel that you are the only one providing a service, you really need to rethink that as there could be hundreds and thousands of companies offering the same services. This gives birth to the question of why would customers opt for you with such wide range of service providers to choose from? Well, a precise answer would be your ‘Marketing’.

Since each company or service provider distinguishes themselves on the basis of USP’s and marketing, this is your primary tool to provide a compelling service which will reel in more clients and also be able to retain the existing ones. This article will solely focus on how you can build a solid market presence through your customers and also the online facet of marketing. 

Is There Any Catch?

Most companies are aware of the fact of the power which content marketing holds. However, they are unable to explore this option primarily due to lack of time while others let it slip as it may prove to be an expensive option to hire full-time writers, strategists and marketers. 

Is There Any Solution?

A highly effective and possible solution would be to engage your customers to do the content marketing for you. Don’t feel surprised just as yet. Think of this scenario: When a customer buys your product or service, they are bound to discuss it with others in their circle. Similarly, on Twitter, 6000 tweets are sent out every second. Now, this scenario paints an image where you can use this situation to your advantage by incorporating user generated content in your content marketing strategy. 

Be Hold!  The results can be shockingly surprising and positive. 

Does User Generated Content Bring About Any Advantages?

Cutting to the chase, yes it does. Rather than staying awake all night writing articles and blogs to promote your service or product, a better strategy would be to gain from user generated content. If not all, then a certain portion of your customers would generate either text commentary or visuals about your offering to launch it on the internet. 

Following the prior would mean that you yourself are praising your offerings. However, if you opt for user generated content, it’s a more organic way of spreading a positive word avoiding inevitable veil of suspicion. And, isn’t it just awesome to have your customers do all the talking? 

How To Get Customers On Board With This Thought Process

Human nature often compels individuals to react in a particular manner, one especially being where they share certain feedback after using a product or a service. This testimony which is published online about you is something that doesn’t require you to motivate your customer; rather they will do it themselves. However, the role which you need to play here is that instead of posting online testimonies elsewhere, you need to have them posted on your website. 

The process is really simple and you just need to provide a solution for front-end content submission making it user friendly. By doing so, your customer would be able to thank you for posting their invaluable testimonies in the form of user generated content. 

Follow the tips below on how you can convince your customers to give you that positive review or send in a happy selfie after having been satisfied with your respective product or service offering. 

  • Advertisement: Inform your customers that you are now accepting blog and article posts from them
  • Publish the videos and pictures which have already been shared on your website from your customers
  • Encourage users to leave a review on your website as according to a study, 71% individuals feel safe buying a product or service after having read its review
  • Add a classifieds or business section on your website where visitors can contribute
  • Build a forum where users can interact and build a community pertaining to your service or product

By carrying forward the above listed steps, you would have conducted a one-time activity and through this activity, you would have built an excellent source of receiving user generated content. 

Now, if you are wondering how to go about doing this for your WordPress website, here are five plugins that will help you receive increased user generated content on your site. 

AccessPress Anonymous Post Pro

If within the initial plans the idea is to provide the customers with an experience that is similar to using WordPress Visual Editor, then the probability is low that you will go wrong with AccessPress Anonymous Post Pro. With plentiful customization options and features, this plugin will provide your users with freedom like no other while also restricting them from certain functions if that’s within your plans.

The plentiful features offer image and rich media integration, unlimited customizable fields, flexibility in post submission types, and a responsive form design. Moreover, it includes a list of form templates, provides control over character limits, ability to set post-form submission redirects and Tooltip guides for users. If you just asses this plugin based on its features, it’s a straight yes. 

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The entire purpose discussed above was to provide an experience to the users which is as user friendly as possible to generate content. However, with CRED, this philosophy somewhat does not align well with the plugin. 

While the initial experience maybe somewhat complicated, however, if you wish to seek user submitted memberships, directories and product listings, then this plugin would be your best bet. Not only does it offer great features but it also is very useful. The purpose of building this plugin was for gated content submissions and comes along with multiple features such as payment integration, spam protection, input validation checker and much more.

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If you are looking for the plugin which does it all for you, look no further than BuddyForms. Packed with powerful features, this perhaps is the perfect plugin for handling all front-end content submissions. The plugin offers a couple of pricing options to choose from which vary in terms of the features and all prices are reasonably kept. 

The features offered by BuddyForms include user role management, Front end revision control, Post Type Customization, Advanced Form Elements and much much more. The most powerful feature is that it has an inbuilt option to integrate eCommerce and provides email notifications for admin. The best part you ask? It comes equipped with a Form Wizard guide which makes things really simple to get the maximum out of the service. 

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As the name itself suggests, this plugin allows you create an on-site community. Once you install the plugin, you will allow your users to interact with each other and comment, share thoughts and experiences and a lot more. 

The plugin is really easy to use providing users with the comfort to provide content easily via front end interface. This seamless plugin is equipped with features such as build communities, wikis, discussion boards and much more. You also have the liberty to allow the option where users can create their own community. 

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Frontend Publishing Pro

This plugin is offered in two versions; free and paid. While the free version will suffice for most of the requirements, the paid version can also be opted for in case you want more. This would be ideal in a situation where you wish to explore and experiment with what the user generated content can do for you. 

The free version provides with the ability to moderate the content. For instance, you will have the choice to establish restrictions regarding bios, links, tags, word count etc. Moreover, it lets you embed shortcode for form placement or set user specified publication rules. These features excellent in order to control and manage the content being generated by users coming on your website.

Additionally, the paid version will equip you with features such as captcha security, Copyscape integration, PayPal integration, post publication management, unlimited form creation, a drag and drop builder, cross theme compatibility, responsive form design and a lot more. Though the price for the paid version is on the higher end, the investment is definitely worth it. 

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Final Words

Having read through, you would have realized the important of marketing through user generated content and how to get it done. Hence, implementing this knowledge can certainly bring about positive results for you.