Top Five WordPress Hosting Reviews.

If you are a wordpress user, you might have faced hosting suspension, viruses or slow loading of your website. Lots of Plugins become a reason for a slow speed and activating too many scripts at once which becomes frustrated if you are not a developer and can’t tackle it on your own. Almost all shared hosting plans have limitations and there isn’t something perfect at affordable price. Matter of fact is, you need a reliable hosting, which can handle number of websites for the quality traffic that you bring after several years of hard work, you wouldn’t like your visitors to notice downtime or bad reviews about your website. I’m about to discuss few but best WordPress hosting services, so grab a cup of coffee and take few mins to go through the following services before you make a decision to switch your hosting services.

For Results, saved my time building detailed reports, including them for each service provider.



Professionals and developers recommend WP-Engine Hosting as it’s famous of being reliable among many. Newbie’s are scared of choosing a $29 Personal Hosting Plan at once; it looks expensive but the price tag isn’t something which explains the quality, scalability, money back guarantee, handling traffic and best of all, Loading Time of the website is great but they only host WordPress sites.


  • 1 Click WordPress Install
  • Integration with Git
  • CDN
  • Staging Areas

Features above make the price tag worthwhile, as most of cheap hosting plans can’t offer that all. Test Results (Wp-Engine)

LoadImpact Results

Testing Server Location: Ashburn, VA
Media Temple Server Location: 
Los Angeles, CA
Max Response Time: 
5.54 seconds
Minimum Response Time: 
835.07 milliseconds



Siteground has extremely fast servers, if you are a Google Page Speed lover, you may love their servers too. Robust servers load websites quickly while keeping the cache off and it isn’t just one time test, you should look at the reviews.

Uptime is 99.99% for 2016, I haven’t gone through a single customer’s review complaining about downtime of SiteGround Servers.

Siteground offers Simple, Dedicated & Cloud Hosting servers. Professionals go for dedicated fully operational machines and newbie’s shouldn’t go for cloud at once.


  • 1-click installer
  • Free transfer
  • Auto updates
  • Command line management with WP-CLI
  • WP staging
  • Git integration
  • SuperCacher Test Results (SiteGround)

With a limitation of 1 domain at a price of $3.95, siteground has some impressive results when tested through

Testing Server Location: Dallas, TX

SiteGround Server Location: Chicago, IL

Max Response Time: 1.79 seconds

Minimum Response Time: 669.9 milliseconds

Click Here to See LoadImpact Results

Media Temple Hosting


MediaTemple is widely known for VPS Servers but Grid is commonly known among bloggers, $20 partially Managed Grid Server is more like a shared server. Awesome 24-7 Support makes it unique.

You can install Plesk, Cpanel on a Grid Server, even support does that for free.


  • 100 Sites
  • 100 Databases
  • 20GB SSD Storage
  • 1000 Email Boxes
  • 1TB Scalable Bandwidth
  • 2000GPU*** Compute

LoadImpact Results

Testing Server Location: Ashburn, VA
Media Temple Server Location: 
Los Angeles, CA
Max Response Time: 
4.54 seconds
Minimum Response Time: 
934.07 milliseconds

Bluehost Hosting

Violation of rules, you get slapped but this doesn’t fall under negative feedback, shared hosting is dependent on a set of neighboring IP’s, so this tells you are safe if a neighboring IP’s does something wrong, Bluehost will instantly suspend that IP/Server.


When compared to SiteGround, pricing starts from $6.95 or $3.95 but for 36 Months plan. If you have a lot more to do other than just a Blog Hosting, then Bluehost is the best choice.


  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited Web Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Standard Performance
  • One Domain Included
  • Unlimited Subdomains
  • Emails/Email Storage/Marketing Offers

LoadImpact Results for Bluehost Hosting

Testing Server Location: Ashburn, VA
Bluehost Server Location: 
Provo, UT
Max Response Time: 
10.64 seconds
Minimum Response Time: 
915.53 milliseconds

Click Here for LoadImpact Full Results for Bluehost

Godaddy Hosting


Who doesn’t know Godaddy as a Registrar but most of us don’t use Hosting Servers from Godaddy, and the reason is obvious (at least for me), they have various pricy and low cost plans which makes it difficult to take an action buying Godaddy Hosting.

I recently used Godaddy’s Managed WordPress Hosting, though I used a Delux Package almost $5 per month, loaded more than 10 plugins and parallex theme but site was quickly loaded for each hard refresh. These surprising results gave me hiccups and I loaded the site in LoadImpact, every time I got different results, however I found the reason explained by Wpsitecare.

Never Test Godaddy Hosting on LoadImpact

Godaddy uses a security layer Sentinel to block Dos attacks from a same IP, which means a group of users can’t access a site hosted on Godaddy’s server from a same IP, resulting the site downtime.

I gave up testing Godaddy Hosting on Loadimpact.