5 of the Best WordPress Quiz Plugins

WordPress is an exceptional platform that gives you the required tools to craft your own blog or website with ease, whether it is for e-commerce or journalism purposes. Various companies have managed to create interesting and engaging websites through the use of its outstanding tools and services. WordPress does this by letting users utilize and incorporate different plugins to embellish their websites. One such interesting plugin is the WordPress Quiz Plugin, which lets you incorporate quizzes into your websites. This not only makes your content interactive but also highly engaging. Websites like BuzzFeed generate a great deal of traffic just by putting up new quizzes alone. These recreational quizzes have proven to be a great way to boost interaction levels with the visitors, as it keeps the users hooked.

If you’ve figured out that a fun, quirky quiz is just what your website is missing, then here are a few plugins to get you started.


WordPress Viral Quiz


The name is very self-explanatory for this plugin, as it helps you build quizzes that are stylistically and functionally the same as BuzzFeed. The plugin is easy to customize and offers large image thumbnails as options, so configuring the quiz is relatively easy. The plugin even offers analytics so you can see how well your quizzes fared.

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Quiz Cat


Quiz Cat is a similar plugin that lets you make BuzzFeed-esque quizzes but all the while offering a little more creativity such as shuffling questions by random and completion messages. The basic functionalities are available for free but a one-time payment will add other features such as social share boosting too.

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This is a premium-only WordPress quiz plugin that is an excellent tool to have in your arsenal if you want to create viral quizzes. The lack of a free version should not discourage you as this plugin lets you make polls, lists, and videos as well, so you have a wide variety of viral content at your disposal to make your website more engaging.

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Gravity Forms Quiz Add-on


The Quiz Add-on from Gravity Forms lets you make highly engaging quizzes. What sets this plugin aside from the rest is that it goes a little beyond what the regular plugins do and adds an extended degree of customization. You can not only integrate quizzes into existing forms that you are accustomed to but also weigh the score of the quiz and display right and wrong answers as the user progresses through the quiz. This plugin lets you create educational quizzes too that provide answer explanations.

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Ari Stream Quiz


Ari Stream Quiz stands apart from the casual quiz plugins because this plugin offers the user more control over their content. The plugin comes with an email capture alongside the quiz and integrates itself with email marketing tools, so you can use this to build your business as well as your reach.

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