5 of the Best Places to Hire WordPress Freelancers

Working in the online publishing sector, whether you are a small business or an individual, you’re probably quite aware of the importance of blogging. WordPress is one of the most popular hosting services that houses a great number of blogs. So, if you have a WordPress front for publishing or a website, chances are that every now and then you may need an extra hand to help you out with something or the other. Now if you don’t have an onboard team to either cut costs or because you never thought you needed one, you will need some assistance throughout your journey. Knowing where to go to find that assistance helps a great deal.

The Internet houses a large number of freelancers that offer their services in graphic designing, programming as well as content writing. However, finding the right freelancers is the real challenge. Here are some of the places that you can use to look for quality freelancers to help you with your WordPress endeavors.


Codeable gets to be number one on this list because they very exclusively cater to WordPress outsourcing. This means that all the freelancers available have prowess in some domain of WordPress and the site makes sure that whoever it has to offer is informed, skilled and generally very competent. You can acquire services like WordPress development, plugin development, and website designing among others.


You may perceive WPMU DEV to be a platform that just lists premium WordPress plugins and themes for sale. However, WPMU DEV also doubles as a job platform where you can post listings or job openings. WPMU DEV has a job board where you can scout freelancers and casual WordPress developers as well as proper professionals with real ease.


Almost everyone who has tried freelancing online is more than familiar with Upwork. It is one of the largest domains for freelancers online. Upwork has a ton of categories where freelancers can create profiles and list their services. Upwork also stands out for not oversaturating the sphere by limiting the number of freelancers that can get featured on their website. You are bound to find some great talent on there and a large pool of WordPress professionals that can help you with your projects.


WPRiders isn’t a freelancing platform where you can browse and try your luck with the featured services. It is actually an agency that finds the right talent for you. You can contact them and tell them about your needs and they will link you to the best service provider they can find whether it is in the domain of WordPress development, web designing, or optimization. You can even get yourself a team of experts to work on a large project, which gives it an edge over other platforms, as you will be assembling a decentralized team on your own that way.


Toptal’s unique selling point, as well as their tagline, is that they offer the top 3% of freelance talent, which means they filter and vet through all their applications and approve of the top 3% out of the total. This means you get access to more skilled and apt professionals for your needs and the services offered also cater to a wide range which does indeed include WordPress.