5 Must Have Android Apps

Choosing the best app is a very daunting task. For every type of app out there, are many more to choose from, which is both, a blessing and a curse. So by many hours spent looking for the best app in a particular category, following are some of my choices.

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VLC Media Player

VLC is the best multimedia app in the market which is easy to use, very efficient and it’s free. VLC can play almost every type of format out there for mobile. But if you are a tinkerer and want to use all those cores in your device then this app is the one for you.


I love this app! Forecast is always accurate. The minute cast feature is my favorite along with the lifestyle choices. Other features like severe weather notices for all locations, accurate local forecasts, current weather conditions, local forecast summary and unlimited location storage are helpful and effective.


Who needs Siri when you have agent? In fact, you don’t need secretary, personal assistant or a concierge because Agent is here at your service. It uses contextual data to figure out what you need, before you need it. For example, if you are in a meeting, Agent will temporarily turn off your notifications or dim your screen when your battery is low.


Habitbull is all about encouraging responsible behavior. In order to stay accountable, this free app lets you track your bad habits over the long term. From there, you can use Habitbull’s reminders to keep yourself in check and live healthy.

Flash Light Torch

Flashlight Apps with just light function are many out there but, with a compass integrated too in it are very few out there in store. This is app is very productive for let’s say campers, not only just it provides light in the night or in dark places but it will also help you follow the right path and it won’t let you get lost. It just made camping safe and fearless.