10 of the Best Web Fonts to Try Out in 2018

When you’re designing an interface, a new website, a social media post, or creating just about any kind of image, you do have one goal in mind and that is to make your work as captivating and engaging as possible. Text plays a major role in all of this. It doesn’t matter how descriptive images can get because until you use text there is no assurance that your viewers or audience will get the exact message that you wanted to convey.

However, when it comes to text today, it does not mean that you are stuck with the plain-old boring text fonts that are a part of your word editor. Modern typefaces have enabled us to transform what would have been simple lettering into pieces of art. This has all been possible due to the display fonts that not only convey the message but also the feeling or complete message that you had in mind and wanted to deliver to your audience. This is why we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best fonts in 2018 that come free of cost and cantransform your text from boring to compelling!


If you think all the new fonts these days lack originality and are looking for something new, then Fixer might be the font you’re looking for. It offers versatility with its multilayered seven styles that you can use however you like.


Think calligraphic with a personal touch that conveys a sense of affection and you’ll have this exotic font. It holds quite an elegant and calligraphic appeal to it!


Rustico is an all-caps font that you can’t go wrong with if you’re looking to draw attention to the text with something bold. It is perfect for web designing, branding, and social media marketing.

Tuesday Night

A handcrafted script font that looks like it could be used to give autographs or would look perfect on the cover of an album. The large and flowing capitals make it perfect for uses like creating exquisite wedding invitations.


If you’re working on something that needsto have a vintage appeal toit, then you can’t go wrong with an old-timey font like Vhiena. It includes seven different styles that you can use to add an ancient touch to your text.


Halogen is quite a bold font with an industrial feel and appeal to it! Use this all-caps font that also offers small caps for anything you’d want to bring into the limelight.


Crafter is the type of font you might be used to seeing on T-shirts and posters. It is a handmade sans-serif font that takes inspiration from hand painted metal signs.


A hand-painted brush font with a messy finish and varied line thickness gives it an adventurous kind of feel.

Bright Calligraphy

Neon with a glassy and glossy finish, Bright Calligraphy font with its brush-like touches is a gorgeous font that also packs several different patterns you can use.


Retro fans will fall in love with the Chlakh font, as this typeface is so versatile with its vintage feel that you can use it for just about anything.

Something you need to take note of here is that while these fonts might be royalty-free, it is strongly recommended to head over to their websites and read their licenses to find out to what limits you can use them.